Bridgeport, West Virginia Terminal

Bridgeport, West Virginia Terminal

  • Located in the heart of the Marcellus Basin
  • Served by CSX
  • Facility features more than 20,000 tons of storage capacity
  • 130 railcar spaces available


For directions to this facility, please click the location on the map.


Rail Park Requirements

Failure to abide by these requirements can result in the following: Load Refusal & Immediate Removal from Twin Eagle Sites. Both the Carrier and Contractor can be notified for Further Discussion, Corrective Actions, and/or Permanent Removal If Necessary.

PPE Requirements

  1. All drivers are required to wear proper PPE while onsite. Drivers must abide by all Twin Eagle, Contractor, & Carrier Rules and Guidelines. Also, all State & Federal Regulations.
  2. Drivers must wear a hard hat with an ANSI Z89 - Ball caps are Unacceptable.
  3. Drivers must wear appropriate foot wear- Flip Flops, house shoes, crocs are Unacceptable.
  4. Eye Protection must be worn with an ANSI rating of Z87 or better - Regular sunglasses are Unacceptable.
  5. Hearing Protection must be worn with a 32 NRR or Better.
  6. Drivers must wear appropriate work clothing- Shorts are Unacceptable.
  7. Drivers must wear high visibility safety vests with reflective striping.

Obey the Posted Speed Limit and all Applicable Traffic Rules

  1. The Max Speed Limit at all Twin Eagle Sites is 10 MPH or less. You are required to follow all speed limit signs. If conditions exist that make any posted speed limit sign too fast for conditions you are expected to drive under the posted speed limit.
  2. Drivers must abide by all normal traffic laws while at facility.
  3. Drivers must be aware of all machinery. Multiple belts are being used at this facility. Please be aware of them at all times.

Loading Requirements

  1. Drivers must use Fall Protection for the opening and closing of their hatches. Driver is responsible to make sure that the fall protection is raised and secured every time used.
  2. All trucks with sand in them will be turned away. If driver is turned away and is caught dumping in a public area, the proper authorities will be contacted. Trailers are to be empty, clean, and inspected to assure the load will not be contaminated.
  3. While waiting to load at terminal, drivers are NOT allowed to:
  4. Perform repairs to the trucks.
  5. Dump Sand.
  6. Service trailers or hoses.
  7. Drivers must open 2 loading hatches. (If 2 hatches are present.) Verify that bottom hatches are closed.
  8. Drivers must stay in their truck while in the back on the load line.
  9. Once loaded, close hatches using fall protection retrieve paperwork and immediately leave facility.
  10. All belts here at Twin Eagle Permian Rail are equipped with their own scale equipment. This helps the loader hit the accurate mark for requested weights. This will be the sole component used for determining loaded weights at time of loading.
  11. Twin Eagle has strict instructions on weight requirements for each customer. Twin Eagle will not engage in weight debates with any driver. The weight we are instructed to load is the direction we abide by and will only work with drivers regarding weight distribution within the trailer and overweight standards.


  1. We operate our Scale Office with CB radios. All Drivers need to have a GOOD WORKING RADIO to load efficiently. 2. Please keep personal conversations off the Scale House Channel.
  2. Drivers are not permitted, under any circumstance, to be on their cell phones while operating their truck, including but not limited to: Approaching or leaving the loader, approaching or leaving the scale house, or driving through the yard where any personnel is present. If you must use your phone to contact the scale due to not having a CB radio, please do so after you have come to a stop.

All Trash will be disposed of properly by the driver, if you are caught throwing any trash on the ground you will be asked to pick up your trash and exit the facility.